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Hari Rucksack Collection
Grafea VILLA BIANCA Leather Rucksack
Villa Bianca
White & Tan Leather Rucksack

Grafea CLOVER - GREEN Leather Backpack
Leaf Green Leather Rucksack.

Grafea SEABREEZE - Light Blue & White Leather Rucksack
Sea Breeze
Light Blue & White Rucksack

Grafea APPLE CRUMBLE - Mint & White Leather Backpack
Apple Crumble
Mint with contrasted
white straps.

Grafea CANDY CRUSH - Pink & White Leather Backpack
Candy Crush
A new leather backpack to our
Hari Collection.

Grafea SUNTAN - Yellow & Tan Leather Rucksack
Yellow & Tan Backpack

Grafea BIANCA - White Leather Rucksack
A beautiful white leather rucksack, made from
stunning white leather.

Grafea PINK LEMONADE - Leather rucksack
Pink Lemonade
The delicious new backpack and an absolute must.

Grafea SKY - Light Blue Leather Backpack
Pastel light blue
leather backpack.

Grafea ROSE - White & Pink Leather Backpack
White and Baby Pink Limited Edition.

Grafea RED HOT -  Leather Rucksack
Red Hot
Classic Red Leather Rucksack.

Grafea POPCORN - Yellow Leather Rucksack
Our irresistible new yellow leather backpack.

Grafea SMURF Blue Leather Rucksack
Our cheeky blue leather backpack.
As fun as the little guys.

Grafea PEACHES & CREAM - Leather rucksack
Peaches & Cream
Our latest refreshing shade of heaven is ready for you to kickstart the spring/summer season.

Grafea LAVENDER - Lilac Leather Rucksack
Light purple leather rucksack by Grafea .

Grafea WINE -  Leather Backpack
The bag on trend for AW13

Grafea ENVY - Olive Leather Backpack
Dark green Leather Rucksack.

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